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My Health Journey

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It was my own healing journey that inspired me to help heal others. I have suffered from eczema since I was 12 years old when I got a heat rash that never went away.  As I grew up, I developed one food intolerance after another. Milk, citrus, and pineapple then progressed into gluten, alcohol, and fats. I tried elimination diets, dermatologists, and prescription creams galore.  Nothing was helping and every effort made offered little to no change or made matters worse.  One dermatologist told me that if I didn't outgrow my eczema by adulthood, then I would most likely have it for the rest of my life 


In early adulthood, I was diagnosed with depression and struggled with energy levels and brain fog throughout my time in college.  I've been physically active my whole life, but my workouts began to suffer because of my low energy and endurance.  My PMS symptoms and menstrual cramps worsened to the point where I couldn't function.  Paranoia, severe pain, intense emotional swings, and anxiety plagued me month after month.   

I refused to believe this was my lot in life.  Why me?  Why was I struggling when I was eating a healthy diet and exercising regularly?  I felt isolated and lonely, which also took its toll on my spiritual and emotional wellness. I was constantly plagued by indecision, fear, resentment, and negative self-talk.   

I stumbled upon a wonderful book called Medical Medium by Anthony William.  His teachings made intuitive sense to me. His book gave me hope.  I didn't have to live this way. I could change my life through the food I ate. I think I had always known this on some level, but it took me awhile to find a way of eating that worked for my body. 

I started incorporating his techniques and my life changed profoundly.  The food intolerances dissolved and the brain fog cleared. I began feeling this intense connection to the Earth.  I got my first Reiki treatment, which inspired me to take Reiki classes. My skin improved. I started meditating. 

I couldn't shake the restless and stagnant feelings I was experiencing.  I knew my life was not in alignment, like I should be doing something else with my life but I didn't know what or how. This led me to an intuition workshop that a friend of mine was co-hosting.  It was there where I experienced a profound shift in consciousness. My calling was to heal - through my story, through my food, through Reiki. 

I currently live in San Antonio, Texas with my husband, my three darling little boys, and two dogs.  I am a Third Degree Reiki Master of the Usui Shiki Ryoho method.  I'm also a Certified Nutrition Consultant through the Natural Healing Institute.  My passions are everything having to do with food, cooking, formulating recipes, practicing Reiki, learning about the healing power of crystals, meditation, and being physically active through lifting weights, swimming, cycling classes, running, and yoga.  

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